Roberto Cavalli Exotica

Roberto Cavalli launches a new delicious perfume for women named, Exotica.

Exotica is the latest edition of 2012′s Roberto Cavalli for Her. Other follow-ups to that fragrance include Roberto Cavalli Acqua, Roberto Cavalli Oud Edition, Nero Assoluto and Tiger Oud.

Roberto Cavalli Exotica will evoke memories of endless summer afternoons and sandy beaches of the Pacific, as well as it awake exciting and daring emotions.

Exotica is composed of few yet prominent tropical notes like mango, frangipani flowers, and creamy sandalwood. The new perfume carries the same beautiful essence as other versions, is crowned with an exotic union of sweet fruit, tropical flowers and creamy, warm wood in the base.

Roberto Cavalli Exotica comes in an exotic and sweet fuchsia color bottle adorned with a gold stopper.
Roberto Cavalli Exotica

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