Jennifer Lopez Rio Glow

Sexy pop singer Jennifer Lopez has launched a new tempting and glowing perfume for women, Rio Glow – the new flanker to Glow released in 2002.

Rio Glow is following the theme of interesting cities such as the flankers Miami Glow from 2005 and L.A. Glow from 2010.

Inspired by the beautiful Brazil, the new version is all about passion, enjoyment and positivity. The new version is sweeter with an enchanting blend of exotic temptations.

Rio Glow has top notes of apple, pear, peach and green accords; middle notes of heliotrope, plum and orange blossom; and base notes of vanilla, musk, white cedar and amber.

Jennifer Lopez Rio Glow preserves the original bottle shape, yet colored in exotic yellow and blue colors inspiring a tropical scent full of freshness and excitement.
Jennifer Lopez Rio Glow

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